Thursday, April 16, 2009


- Liem called me a few weeks ago, no progress in job...I have given up :(
- Working at Target in the market area, it sucks, but it's money
- Wore a tank dress and flip flops today - yay spring
- Hung out by the lake near our house and have finally started on my summer tan; this is the whitest I have ever been (including the womb).
- Lent is over and being a non meat-eater wasn't that bad, but the pork tenderloin on Easter was AMAZING
- Parents visited on Easter, and I miss them even more than ever
- I'm traveling to Texas (minus the Daler...sad) for Abra's graduation
- Everyone's birthday is coming up - Abra, Mom, Dale, Cliff, Neil, Jenni, and Susie (although she is in June); I'm putting on my creative/thinking cap for this next 2 months
- I'm SO ready for a real job and am battling a new bout of depression; I think the anti-news from Liem sent me over the edge but having the Target job is helping and spring too
- Trying to workout more regularly; the schedule on the fridge lasted a few days...lame
- Went running yesterday and really wish I was an awesome athlete like Corey or at least half as dedicated
- Craving some new spring/ summer clothes - but it's highly unlikely for a while
- Dale and I are debt free (except for some student loans) - yay tax refund!
- Super inspired by my book Handmade Nation and can't wait for the documentary which should come out in May
- Uber jealous of all the corporate Target peeps that hang out at the store, analyzing the displays and/or buying lunch
- Running out of job ideas and need help...let me know if you know anyone in MN
- Missing my friends in TX (and CA, IL, NY)..ready to make some real friends here and have ladies to chat with
- Again, SO READY for a real job/ career, but heading off to Target to work the evening shift :)


  1. I am so sorry the job thing is taking so long. Doesn't MN know what it has here? Rachel Posey! HELLLOOO!

    I am sure it's frustrating but remember that you are fantastic. :)

  2. It makes me happy when you update us on your current stats. :)

    I'm so proud of you for hanging in there. You are my hero. :)