Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marathon Read

I just added up how many pages I read this weekend and am very proud of myself!

Between Thursday at 9pm to Tuesday at 1:30am, I read around 2800 pages (but absolutely nothing else...ha).

Vamps, rain, and a marathon

So I had a marathon reading weekend. Dale and I took a spontaneous trip to Barnes and Noble on Thursday night, and I bought the first book of the Twilight series. I had it read by 11 am on Friday and was itching to read the next one. On Saturday, Dale and I went to enjoy the great weather and walked to my favorite children's book store. I then purchased the second book. I had it read by Sunday morning. Then I proceeded to go to the bookstore and purchase the last two books. I finished the series last night at 1:30 am. It has been a long time since I've done this kind of marathon reading, and it was a very satisfying. But I think Dale is ready to have be back. I've kinda ignored him for the last several days and haven't been going to bed until 2 in the morning.

It's been raining since Sunday, and I'm really ready for some more of that warm weather but it there is a chance of snow tonight - Darn MN weather! Liem is supposed to call me this week to let me one way or another (finally) about the PR job at Compellent. No call yet...boo :(

I have a job at Target, and the orientation was supposed to be yesterday. They called me 2o minutes before to reschedule (b/c the manager training me was taking a personal day) for Thursday. I'm a little bitter because I hadn't planned anything for this week except working at Target and an interview at Paper Source on Thursday.

I'm really excited about Paper Source because it's a really cool little shop that I could spend hours in so hopefully I can pick up some hours there and enjoy being surrounded by art supplies.

I'm ready for warm weather and some final decisions!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day (in case you didn't know), and Dale and I celebrated accordingly. At Dale's work, they had this "O'Gong Show" in which new employees had to showcase a talent or something like that and get scored or gonged (if they were terrible). Dale and his friend decided to have a tweenkie eating contest which of course did not go as planned, and both of them nearly choked/ vomited tweenkies...yum. Although afterward Dale acted like any good jr. art director at Carmichael and consumed as much free beer as possible within the few hours the talent show took place.

I met Dale a few hours later to watch the parade downtown, and I must say he was in very good spirits. Some people when they drink become sloppy, irritable, and obnoxious. I have met these people, partied with these people, and now completely avoid these people. Dale is not one of these people. Dale when intoxicated becomes smiley, relaxed, slightly louder, and altogether sweeter (if that is possible). I don't believe the parade would have been nearly as much fun without Dale's smiley, sweet, intoxicated face.
However, I have discovered I becoming more and more like my aunt Candy. I love my aunt Candy and can safely say she is one of my favorite relatives, but Candy has a very short fuse. She gets irritated at almost anything involving the public, and unfortunately, I am becoming like her. At the parade, there was a woman who kept yelling that she wanted a tootsie roll (the parade was throwing candy) and obnoxiously oversharing bits of her life. Of course, a couple that stood in front of Dale and I (which I thought was completely rude since we were sitting) had to talk with this woman and kept trying to one up each other on who was the better roller skater, had the stranger job (the woman had worked at the Renaissance festival, the older man had made some sort of old roller skate), was more Irish. Whenever the tootsie roll woman started talking about how Obama had to be Irish (O'Hannigan, O'Shea,...Obama), I almost lost it and was counting down the minutes until the parade was over....why people, why?
Dale and I went home and had a delightful dinner of stuffed mushroom caps (delicious), creamed spinach, and garlic bread. Overall, it was a very nice Irish holiday!

Updates :)


- Clinique never called but got me addicted to their makeup again...lame
- I interviewed with Target for a sales floor position which I applied for months ago..and I got it
- Liem (guy from Compellent) is supposed to call me on Monday about a final decision about a PR job I really want
- Ironically, my first day/ orientation day at Target is Monday at 3pm
- Bethany sent me flowers and completely made my day/ week/ month
- Started working out regulary again via the schedule on my fridge
- Still eating vegetarian, and it's going great! Made creamed spinach last night and was fabulous
- Spring has finally sprung here! Ran yesterday with my fleece and nearly died of heat stroke which made me completely ecstatic. Walked outside 2 days ago without a coat or boots...yay!
- Have less than a hundred pages in Anna Karenina...it will never end
- Finished On Writing by Stephen King and believe he is a genius and want to meet him
- Wedding plans are underway - we have the photographer, music, place, food, guest list, and it is all falling into place, thankfully
- Mindy the cat now has the habit of standing outside our door and meowing a lot...makes me sad
- The mouse has not reappeared (maybe Mindy's meowing has kept it at bay)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


So I vowed from now until I have a job (that mythical hazy distant future date) not to watch TV during the day any longer. I have been watching WAY TOO much TV. I have always been a big TV watcher (I'm ashamed to admit). I don't really watch the main networks but never miss shows on BRAVO or Food Network and lately TLC, but it makes me depressed to look over the last five months and realize I've done more watching than actual doing.
So from now on I've decided that from the time Dale leaves in the morning until the time he is supposed to get off (5:30 pm) no TV pour moi. Hopefully, this will result in more productivity.

Side note - our building has this cat that just roams the halls, and I often see it walking around the block (which is absolutely charming, I like that she kinda rules the building and this is her turf). Her name is Mindy, and she is orangish with a leather collar - and I love her. I'm pretty sure she belongs to our neighbors down the hall, but right now she is outside our door meowing up a storm. I just opened the door, and she dashed in. It is her first time in our apartment, and she is doing some exploring. I'm pretty sure she just wants food which I am hesitant to give her. What if her owners have already fed her - I'd rather not contribute to the obesity of the feline world. Anywho, I just let her out again because I had a moment of panic if her owners caught her in my apartment - I wouldn't want them to think I'm stealing her - catnapping if you will. Anways, she is still meowing outside the door and making me feel really guilty. If Dale didn't love tuna fish that last can in the pantry would be hers.

I really want a furry friend to play with - I may just go out in the hall and pet her some more. There is no harm in that, right?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I just saw a mouse run from my kitchen to underneath the heater in the dining room. I froze. I didn't even know what to do. Dale saw a mouse a couple weeks ago in the dining room that ran to the same spot so I'm hoping, I repeat I'm hoping it is the same mouse and not one of his thousand buddies living in our wall.

I haven't convinced myself that it is safe to go into the kitchen and am hiding in the living room. The amazing thing is that the lights were on in the kitchen. I've been in and out of there several times - it's not the middle of the night. This mouse must be very brave or very hungry. But I am totally creeped out.

Also, I do not want to put down sticky pads (that the apartment gave us) because what if a mouse gets stuck, I'll have to get rid of it and get really close to the mouse. EEk...I cringe just thinking about it. I keep glancing over to the heater expecting to see a pair of beady eyes looking up at me saying "Please, can I have some more..." with a tiny little wooden bowl.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Hate Phone Calls

Still no word from Clinique. The woman I interviewed with was supposed to call me yesterday morning...but nada. I don't think I got the job.

Sad, I can't even get a part time job :(

Maybe I'll hear about something tomorrow or not. Either way, I'm back to the grind of doing nothing and looking for jobs - yay!

Weekend was really nice. Dale and I just chilled out and did some chores - grocery shopping, laundry, clean house, etc. I think I'm going to ask if we can play some scrabble in a little bit, but he seems to be enjoying wreaking death and destruction in Fallout (PS That is not our scrabble board above. Dale and I only wish we were that good).

I'm three quarters of the way through Anna Karenina, but I cannot seem to just finish it. It is SO boring. Parts of it are interesting, but so much has already happened that I can't really see what else can happen to these characters, and Russian society is not that interesting.

Reread one of my favorite books as a kid yesterday - Dealing with Dragons. Afterward, I sat down and illustrated some of the story. It was fun if a little lame. It made me really want to read the other three books (instead of finishing Anna Karenina...ha). But I have SO many books I need to read - meaning I've purchased them, but haven't gotten to them yet for whatever reason.

I'm not sure what's on the agenda tomorrow but hopefull I'll hear from Clinique. I hate this :(