Thursday, March 5, 2009


So I vowed from now until I have a job (that mythical hazy distant future date) not to watch TV during the day any longer. I have been watching WAY TOO much TV. I have always been a big TV watcher (I'm ashamed to admit). I don't really watch the main networks but never miss shows on BRAVO or Food Network and lately TLC, but it makes me depressed to look over the last five months and realize I've done more watching than actual doing.
So from now on I've decided that from the time Dale leaves in the morning until the time he is supposed to get off (5:30 pm) no TV pour moi. Hopefully, this will result in more productivity.

Side note - our building has this cat that just roams the halls, and I often see it walking around the block (which is absolutely charming, I like that she kinda rules the building and this is her turf). Her name is Mindy, and she is orangish with a leather collar - and I love her. I'm pretty sure she belongs to our neighbors down the hall, but right now she is outside our door meowing up a storm. I just opened the door, and she dashed in. It is her first time in our apartment, and she is doing some exploring. I'm pretty sure she just wants food which I am hesitant to give her. What if her owners have already fed her - I'd rather not contribute to the obesity of the feline world. Anywho, I just let her out again because I had a moment of panic if her owners caught her in my apartment - I wouldn't want them to think I'm stealing her - catnapping if you will. Anways, she is still meowing outside the door and making me feel really guilty. If Dale didn't love tuna fish that last can in the pantry would be hers.

I really want a furry friend to play with - I may just go out in the hall and pet her some more. There is no harm in that, right?

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  1. hey, i was just thinking about doing that exact same thing with the tv! i HATE how much tv i've been's a little ridiculous, especially considering that when the weather is this crappy all john and i do in the evenings is watch tv. so i'll join you in your no tv vow. i'll listen to records, knit, write, take the dog on walks, job hunt, but no mind-numbing tv. hurray for us!