Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ears and Christmas Gifts

Writing that other story made me think of two other ones that are too good not to mention. I should preface these stories with the fact that I was a really annoying little sister. I loved to hang out in Abra's room, bother her friends whenever they were over, and touch/ cuddle her whenever she was in "no-touchy" mood. So please imagine an obnoxious, blonder/ shorter version of myself whenever I am describing these stories.

The first one is simple. I have no idea how old I was. I think I was around 9 or 10 and was hanging out at my mom and dad's vet clinic after school or on a Saturday. I am going to be completely vague because the where and the when don't really matter.

My sister comes into the clinic with my mom. They just got back from College Station (the mecca of all hip and cool things at this time in my life), and Abra is proudly displaying a newly pierced set of ears. She has her hair tucked behind her ears and is waving her head around in front of me trying to get me to notice without saying anything.

"Notice anything different," she says still shaking her head back and forth.

I study her, and then finally notice her new ear holes. But then in all my brilliance I reply excitedly, "Abra, you have EARS!"

Yay, me (please feel free to giggle because I'm smiling just remembering it).

Okay, the other story is short and sweet too. I was around the same age. It's Christmas time. My sister's best friend is name Karen (and is kinda my idol to a certain extent). Abra has purchased her a gift and wrapped it.

I walk into Abra's room. See the gift. Pick it up. And then I ask, "Abra, have you given this to Karen yet?"

Abra just looks at me like "Rachel think about that statement." It was definitely a "here's your sign" moment. I sheepishly realize my mistake that if she had given it to her it wouldn't be neatly wrapped and sitting in her room, and if I recall correctly, I did the classic quiet replacement of the gift and walked softly backwards out of her room pretending it never happened.

There are two stories that speak volumes about me, and my relationship with my sister. No wonder she still asks me if I have money if we ever go out anywhere together.

Love ya sis.

"You have ears"

Ha somehow this posted before I was done. Enjoy the title that was obviously edited. :)

A Trash Can Story

My grandparents (dad's parents) used to live in Bellville, TX. They lived there until I was about 8 (I think). We spent many a holiday and birthday there. Their house was out in the country, and Abra, Colley, and I played many make believe games. Most of the time we were super heroes who magically obtained powers from touching a magic tree or falling asleep by the mystical shrubbery bush or whatever.

We had lots of special kid places that were completely ordinary but somehow we made them magical. There were two trees that had grown together to form an arch that we called the church tree and a tree house which wasn't really a house so much as a piece of wood laying on a branch with a rope hanging down. There was also a patch of woods behind the house with a railroad track which contained many an adventure.

Lots of room to play, and some really great memories were made there - and some made before ever reaching Mimi and Papa's house.

One time on the way there, Abra and I were looking out the car window. And Abra yells "Look a deer!", and I whipped my head around trying to see the deer (but didn't see it). A few seconds later Abra yells again "Look a squirrel!" Again, I try to catch it but don't see it in time. Again a few seconds later Abra points in a different direction, "Look a bird!" By this time, I should have known that she was messing with me and wasn't actually seeing anything. But I am like 5 or something so this does not occur to me. All I care about is that she is seeing all this glorious wildlife and damn it, I want to see something too.

I keep searching the woods looking for anything that would be cool because I HAVE to be as cool as my big sis. Abra is continuing to point out animals,
"Look a rabbit!"
"Look a skunk!"
I am desperate at this point. Please let me see something. Anything. Please something to point out.
"Look a bird!"
PLEASE GOD, let ME see something. I am searching the woods. Concentrating on something, anything that could be cool. Then I see it.


Sure enough. I point out a blue garbage can. My parents immediately erupt into laughter as do me and my sister.

So there is the trash can if you ever hear Abra say "Look Rachel a trash can," you know why.

Home, Hope, and Future Happy Ever Afters

So it's amazing how a trip home to see the fam can change a person's mood. I went to Texas this past weekend to see my sister graduate from nursing school - she is a full blown RN now (Congrats again, Abra). Also, my cousin Colley got married, and it was one of the most unique/ fun wedding I have ever attended.

Between the hot weather, Mexican food, Posey family antics, and traditional Buddhist wedding, I began to feel better about being so far from home and not having a job. So I'm back in the good ole' northwest feeling hopeful and working my butt off to that opening (that I know is out there).

But I HAVE to give some details about my cousin's wedding. Let me just start off describing the Posey family. We are talkative, competitive, hot-natured, large (meaning most of us are over 5'6 and 160 lbs) and Methodist. So when we were told that Colley was marrying a Vietnamese woman in a traditional Buddhist wedding, my sister and I prepared for a wedding of a lifetime. In a Buddhist wedding, it begins in the morning and pretty much lasts all day. The parents of the bride give her away at their home and then travel to the groom's home for a similar ceremony, and there is a reception in the evening.

All of this took place in Houston where even the Devil sweats. So please imagine the large, sweaty, extremely caucasian Poseys interacting with the bride's polite, quiet, small, Asian family. It was quite humorous, and absolutely a blast. The bride's family was extremely sweet, but I am sure they were thinking what is wrong with these white people who can't stop sweating.

The reception was the riot of the day. It took place at a Vietnamese restaurant and was hosted by the most exuberent if slightly less than fluent Vietnameses DJ. The reception consisted of a 10 course meal which I think I ate 4 courses. Although my brother-in-law next to me ate every course even if he wasn't exactly sure what it was. All the time we are eating, there is Vietnamese karoke taking place. My mom and dad threatened us within an inch of our life (especially Abra) to not laugh at any of the wedding, but when the soloist sang "Only You" with a strong Asian accent and my mom started crying with withheld laughter, I knew we were exempt from the rule. The evening continued with Abra and I singing a duet to "Stay" by Lisa Loeb and my uncle Matt singing "Stangers in the Night." Of course the reception held the usual amount of toasting, cake cutting and bouquet tossing, but the night was topped off with the DJ getting couples to compete in saying love the longest, and my dad doing the robot/ "chollo"/ seizure dance on the dance floor to some indescript hip hop song. If you have never met my dad, just imagine a cross between Forest Gump and Tom Hanks in Castaway wiggly his booty and throwing gang signs to hip hops songs. Abra and I did our own fair amount of embarrassing dance move. But I think I enjoyed watching my dad play around with his brothers and sisters and Colley marrying his lady love more than any of the food or drinks I usually enjoy at a wedding. But of course one of the highlights of the night would be my family stopping off at the most disgusting gas station on the way home, and Abra and I cracking up over our hover technique when emptying our bladders.

It was a beautiful if little hilarious wedding. It made me start looking forward to my own upcoming wedding. Dale and I are working out the details of the whens and whats (when we will do our first dance, what song will he dance to with his mom, etc). And we just decided to take a honeymoon - Hawaii here we come!

Exciting stuff.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So I honestly do not think there is anything more depressing than sending over 20 emails in the last 2 days and checking my email to find a Pottery barn dm and DSW dm.


Last week I almost got a job - a really really great job...that I really really wanted. The week prior I received an email for a position at a law firm. They received over 400 applicants for this marketing assistant position, and I was one of six applicants to receive a phone interview. Had the phone interview - it went awesome. They called me back that afternoon and asked for a face to face interview that Thursday. Went to the interview. It was tough, but overall went really well. They call me that afternoon to tell me that they had narrowed it down to me and another candidate. They knew I was perfectly qualified but was afraid I might get bored. They were having a tough time deciding. They would call me the next morning (Friday) to tell me either way.

Friday call. BTW, I have not slept or eaten since the interview. I have to work at Target that day and am a complete emotional wreck. It is also Dale's birthday...happy birthday Dale. We try to enjoy our weekend (Dale bought an awesome bike for his birthday and we saw a movie) but I'm thinking about the job the whole time. Monday morning ...still no call. I am losing it at this point.

Tuesday...they call. I didn't get the job. I get emotional on the phone with the HR rep but hold it together. Tuesday was awful. I just cried and cried. I went for a run and felt better. Tried to get over it. I didn't really talk to anyone (even Dale) because I knew I would get upset. I have to go to At work, I call my parents to reassure them that I'm okay and am handling it. I upset my mom and start bawling in the coat closet at work. I say some mean things to her...because I'm bitter and upset...and apparently reliving my preteen years of "no one understands me."

Wednesday...I still feel down but I make up with my mom (although I still feel guilty about it). I go to work and try to feel better.

Friday....more work (another Saturday of not seeing Dale)...although we did go see Star Trek in the evening...which was nice church, just work

Monday (yesterday)

tomorrow...go to Texas

So a lot has happened in the last 2 weeks, and I have been on a complete emotional roller coaster. I'm feeling down a lot and worrying everyone which just makes me feel worse. I'm emailing and calling people, trying to persevere.

But it's getting harder.

So no email responses. Not good.