Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Trash Can Story

My grandparents (dad's parents) used to live in Bellville, TX. They lived there until I was about 8 (I think). We spent many a holiday and birthday there. Their house was out in the country, and Abra, Colley, and I played many make believe games. Most of the time we were super heroes who magically obtained powers from touching a magic tree or falling asleep by the mystical shrubbery bush or whatever.

We had lots of special kid places that were completely ordinary but somehow we made them magical. There were two trees that had grown together to form an arch that we called the church tree and a tree house which wasn't really a house so much as a piece of wood laying on a branch with a rope hanging down. There was also a patch of woods behind the house with a railroad track which contained many an adventure.

Lots of room to play, and some really great memories were made there - and some made before ever reaching Mimi and Papa's house.

One time on the way there, Abra and I were looking out the car window. And Abra yells "Look a deer!", and I whipped my head around trying to see the deer (but didn't see it). A few seconds later Abra yells again "Look a squirrel!" Again, I try to catch it but don't see it in time. Again a few seconds later Abra points in a different direction, "Look a bird!" By this time, I should have known that she was messing with me and wasn't actually seeing anything. But I am like 5 or something so this does not occur to me. All I care about is that she is seeing all this glorious wildlife and damn it, I want to see something too.

I keep searching the woods looking for anything that would be cool because I HAVE to be as cool as my big sis. Abra is continuing to point out animals,
"Look a rabbit!"
"Look a skunk!"
I am desperate at this point. Please let me see something. Anything. Please something to point out.
"Look a bird!"
PLEASE GOD, let ME see something. I am searching the woods. Concentrating on something, anything that could be cool. Then I see it.


Sure enough. I point out a blue garbage can. My parents immediately erupt into laughter as do me and my sister.

So there is the trash can if you ever hear Abra say "Look Rachel a trash can," you know why.

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