Friday, September 18, 2009

Give me a pocket protector and call me a nerd!

So it's interesting. I have always considered myself a writer, communication, Englishy type person. Those are the things I am good at. In grade school, I was always good at math, but it wasn't something that really excited me. Although I am not talking about traditional math equations (2+2 and all that), I'm becoming the math/ excel expert at work. The marketing team is currently working on budgets for next year and analyzing past data, and I am beginning to realize that I LOVE doing that type of work. I'm really good at looking at the data and making it easier to understand (plus excel has a crapload tools that do that for you). Also, because I like to explain things and communicate, I enjoy explaining these tools to my less-savvy excel users - it's really fun. I just spent 3 hours on excel trying to match up some missing data and wasn't bored one bit. Once I figured it out, I was so proud of myself.

Anyways, it was just a little personal discovery today, and I want to give a little shoutout. "Dan Courtright, thank you so much for making me use excel and understand the power of the pivot table. You may have helped me become an asset to my new team. THANK YOU!"

So excuse me while I go run some macros, listen to some Broadway, and put scotch tape on my glasses.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birthday Present

My parents were completely fabulous and got me a sewing machine for my 24th birthday! I was ecstatic, and now I'm biding my time until I have enough money/ time to sew. So I warn you now - you will most likely be receiving hand sewn Christmas gifts this year. I'll post a picture of my little work space that Dale set up for me, but for now - World meet Magnolia my sewing machine. Magnolia, wave to the nice people.

I've been terrible

I know I haven't posted in FOREVER but I have my reasons/ excuses :)

First and foremost because I have not posted about it yet - I have a new job. I am the new marketing assistant at Faegre & Benson, the largest law firm in MN. I started the day after my birthday and so far I'm loving it. I'm working downtown in a lovely skyscraper just a few blocks from Dale (we've already had lunch together and plan to do it weekly). Of course there has to be a catch of some sort when something this wonderful happens. I am only a temporary marketing assistant in that I'm only guaranteed work until January. I am coming onto the team to cover for a young woman who is going on maternity leave until January. I've already made it clear to my boss Adam Severson, director of marketing and business development that I'm going to do everything I can to make the department fall in love with me so they won't want me to leave in January.

So I have my moments of panic when I think I might be looking for a job again in January, but right now I've got bigger things to worry about - like the WEDDING. It is less than 2 months away (my heart just sped up thinking about it). There is SO much to do. I'm starting to stress a little bit.

I'm going to Texas next weekend for bridal portraits, bridal shower, and final decisions. I'm meeting my wedding planner for the first time and hopefully confirm all the final details. Poor Dale has been putting up with my crazy moods about the wedding - one moment I'm excited and carefree and the next I'm anxious and a nag, but he's great and that's why I'm marrying him.

Also in other news, my lovely bridesmaids came to visit me
on Labor Day weekend (my birthday) except for Bethany who couldn't make it. But we did not forget her and brought her in spirit (look at the pictures carefully). We talked, ate, and drank a lot. It was wonderful and made me miss Texas very much. It was really nice having everyone one in the same room, and I could not have asked for a better way to celebrate marriage and birthday in weekend.

These are some pictures from that lovely weekend (really just from Saturday night in which we experienced corn dog sushi).
So bear with me when I don't post for a while. I'm dealing with a new job and a wedding. It's exciting stuff.