Friday, September 18, 2009

Give me a pocket protector and call me a nerd!

So it's interesting. I have always considered myself a writer, communication, Englishy type person. Those are the things I am good at. In grade school, I was always good at math, but it wasn't something that really excited me. Although I am not talking about traditional math equations (2+2 and all that), I'm becoming the math/ excel expert at work. The marketing team is currently working on budgets for next year and analyzing past data, and I am beginning to realize that I LOVE doing that type of work. I'm really good at looking at the data and making it easier to understand (plus excel has a crapload tools that do that for you). Also, because I like to explain things and communicate, I enjoy explaining these tools to my less-savvy excel users - it's really fun. I just spent 3 hours on excel trying to match up some missing data and wasn't bored one bit. Once I figured it out, I was so proud of myself.

Anyways, it was just a little personal discovery today, and I want to give a little shoutout. "Dan Courtright, thank you so much for making me use excel and understand the power of the pivot table. You may have helped me become an asset to my new team. THANK YOU!"

So excuse me while I go run some macros, listen to some Broadway, and put scotch tape on my glasses.

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  1. Didn't you get married? Post some pics please!