Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Hate Phone Calls

Still no word from Clinique. The woman I interviewed with was supposed to call me yesterday morning...but nada. I don't think I got the job.

Sad, I can't even get a part time job :(

Maybe I'll hear about something tomorrow or not. Either way, I'm back to the grind of doing nothing and looking for jobs - yay!

Weekend was really nice. Dale and I just chilled out and did some chores - grocery shopping, laundry, clean house, etc. I think I'm going to ask if we can play some scrabble in a little bit, but he seems to be enjoying wreaking death and destruction in Fallout (PS That is not our scrabble board above. Dale and I only wish we were that good).

I'm three quarters of the way through Anna Karenina, but I cannot seem to just finish it. It is SO boring. Parts of it are interesting, but so much has already happened that I can't really see what else can happen to these characters, and Russian society is not that interesting.

Reread one of my favorite books as a kid yesterday - Dealing with Dragons. Afterward, I sat down and illustrated some of the story. It was fun if a little lame. It made me really want to read the other three books (instead of finishing Anna Karenina...ha). But I have SO many books I need to read - meaning I've purchased them, but haven't gotten to them yet for whatever reason.

I'm not sure what's on the agenda tomorrow but hopefull I'll hear from Clinique. I hate this :(

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  1. Hang in there lady!

    I did the same thing while I was unemployed, and tried desperately just to get a part-time, high school kid kinda job.

    No one would hire me either.

    You'll get through it, I promise!