Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day (in case you didn't know), and Dale and I celebrated accordingly. At Dale's work, they had this "O'Gong Show" in which new employees had to showcase a talent or something like that and get scored or gonged (if they were terrible). Dale and his friend decided to have a tweenkie eating contest which of course did not go as planned, and both of them nearly choked/ vomited tweenkies...yum. Although afterward Dale acted like any good jr. art director at Carmichael and consumed as much free beer as possible within the few hours the talent show took place.

I met Dale a few hours later to watch the parade downtown, and I must say he was in very good spirits. Some people when they drink become sloppy, irritable, and obnoxious. I have met these people, partied with these people, and now completely avoid these people. Dale is not one of these people. Dale when intoxicated becomes smiley, relaxed, slightly louder, and altogether sweeter (if that is possible). I don't believe the parade would have been nearly as much fun without Dale's smiley, sweet, intoxicated face.
However, I have discovered I becoming more and more like my aunt Candy. I love my aunt Candy and can safely say she is one of my favorite relatives, but Candy has a very short fuse. She gets irritated at almost anything involving the public, and unfortunately, I am becoming like her. At the parade, there was a woman who kept yelling that she wanted a tootsie roll (the parade was throwing candy) and obnoxiously oversharing bits of her life. Of course, a couple that stood in front of Dale and I (which I thought was completely rude since we were sitting) had to talk with this woman and kept trying to one up each other on who was the better roller skater, had the stranger job (the woman had worked at the Renaissance festival, the older man had made some sort of old roller skate), was more Irish. Whenever the tootsie roll woman started talking about how Obama had to be Irish (O'Hannigan, O'Shea,...Obama), I almost lost it and was counting down the minutes until the parade was over....why people, why?
Dale and I went home and had a delightful dinner of stuffed mushroom caps (delicious), creamed spinach, and garlic bread. Overall, it was a very nice Irish holiday!

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