Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Updates :)


- Clinique never called but got me addicted to their makeup again...lame
- I interviewed with Target for a sales floor position which I applied for months ago..and I got it
- Liem (guy from Compellent) is supposed to call me on Monday about a final decision about a PR job I really want
- Ironically, my first day/ orientation day at Target is Monday at 3pm
- Bethany sent me flowers and completely made my day/ week/ month
- Started working out regulary again via the schedule on my fridge
- Still eating vegetarian, and it's going great! Made creamed spinach last night and was fabulous
- Spring has finally sprung here! Ran yesterday with my fleece and nearly died of heat stroke which made me completely ecstatic. Walked outside 2 days ago without a coat or boots...yay!
- Have less than a hundred pages in Anna will never end
- Finished On Writing by Stephen King and believe he is a genius and want to meet him
- Wedding plans are underway - we have the photographer, music, place, food, guest list, and it is all falling into place, thankfully
- Mindy the cat now has the habit of standing outside our door and meowing a lot...makes me sad
- The mouse has not reappeared (maybe Mindy's meowing has kept it at bay)

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  1. YEA!! I am so excited that some things are falling into place concerning employment and wedding plans.

    Let me know if you need ANYTHING!! Love you!