Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I just saw a mouse run from my kitchen to underneath the heater in the dining room. I froze. I didn't even know what to do. Dale saw a mouse a couple weeks ago in the dining room that ran to the same spot so I'm hoping, I repeat I'm hoping it is the same mouse and not one of his thousand buddies living in our wall.

I haven't convinced myself that it is safe to go into the kitchen and am hiding in the living room. The amazing thing is that the lights were on in the kitchen. I've been in and out of there several times - it's not the middle of the night. This mouse must be very brave or very hungry. But I am totally creeped out.

Also, I do not want to put down sticky pads (that the apartment gave us) because what if a mouse gets stuck, I'll have to get rid of it and get really close to the mouse. EEk...I cringe just thinking about it. I keep glancing over to the heater expecting to see a pair of beady eyes looking up at me saying "Please, can I have some more..." with a tiny little wooden bowl.


  1. Jenn and I had a mouse in our apartment one time. We'd been hearing it in the walls, and then we both went home for Xmas break...when we got back, the first time I ran the dishwasher it flooded the floor. Maintenance found that it had chewed completely through the water line leading to the dishwasher and the floor underneath it was COVERED in mouse poo. They set some traditional traps and one got him under the fridge...with his tail poking out from underneath. Still alive, mind you, just stuck. Gross.

  2. You need to get that friendly neighborhood cat in there.

    You remember what cats do with mice right? :)
    (Think lots of squeals and an entertained kitty. AGH!)