Monday, July 27, 2009


I seem to be having trouble being consistent with the postings. So I considered this problem and came up with this solution. Many times I feel extremely narcissistic to only talk about myself so I've come up with some Blog Topics that will give me something to write about every day. You can now expect the following episodes when reading my blog:

Everyday Doodle
- I am a doodler. I like drawing characters, and when I'm at a loss for words you will get to enjoy my artistic genius in the form of doodles.

Channeling Lucille Ball
- If you know me well, you know that I am a picture of decorum and never say or do anything remotely embarrassing/ funny. However, there are moments when Lucille Ball possesses my body and has me commit actions that brings my mother to laughter or a grimace. I shall recount some of these Lucille Ball moments, and I hope you enjoy them.

Uncritical Critic
- I am not a music guru. I am not picky nor do I seek out new and exciting bands. In fact, I am content to listen to my "Best of Broadway" album over and over again with a splash of Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra mixed in. But living with a music enthusiast has influenced me so now I'm listening to more and more "indie" music and venturing out of my Broadway cocoon. In these posts, I will review the latest album I've listened to. Do not expect anything special because I know nothing of music, but for the non-music expert, it might be nice to hear from a fellow novice.

Handmade Crap
- Pictures and descriptions of things I have made

Cuisine a la Posey
- I love to cook and am pretty proud of some of my creations. So damn it, I'm going to brag. You will just have to deal with my blatant bragging.

Running Days
- I am not a runner. I do not really enjoy running until it is over. But I do know that it is good for me. I really want to do a half marathon and have been running more frequently. Some of my best ideas usually occur on the trails, but that doesn't mean I enjoy it anymore. These posts will be filled with complaining, fake enthusiasm, and accounts of my running.

We'll see how this goes. Hopefully it will enlighten you and show you the secret wisdom I possess or at the very least make you smile :)

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