Monday, August 10, 2009


- I am interning at the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra in marketing/ pr
- I am volunteering at my church's Dignity Center which provides resources for the homeless; I'm a receptionist (and I'm about to head that way this morning)
- I'm helping with VBS; building Rome in fact
- The wedding is less than 3 months away...aaaahhhhhhhhh! That is so hard to believe.
- Summer weather has been so bizarre. One day it will be 80 and humid and then the next day will be 50. It has been nice to be able to be outside without dying of heat stroke...but still bizarre.
- The girls are coming up in a few weeks, and I'm thinking about it daily. It's going to be great.
- I'm turning 24 soon...weird.
- Dale's shirt for Threadless was finally printed and is awesome. You should check it out.
- I interviewed with the Ordway Performing Arts Center last Friday about a 2nd internship, and I'll find out about that this week. I'm not sure if I got it, but we'll see.
- Liem from Compellent called me out of the blue two weeks ago about that job I had interviewed for back in December. I'm meeting with him next Friday.
- With the wedding getting closer and closer, I'm starting to stress a little more and more about all the details. I'll be glad once that day is here and done, and Dale and I are on our way to Hawaii
- My computer has officially died (I'm using Dale's computer right now). It started smoking and everything. So now I'm dependent on Dale's computer in the evening and the public library during the Susie is an angel and is letting me use her old computer which she is sending to me - man, how did I get such great friends?
- I've been doing a lot of informational interviews in the performing arts industry and have even made some friends. I'm going to work out with a girl on Friday, and tomorrow I'm going to see Harry Potter again with Kate from Target. Yay, for friends!

Those are the updates. Have a lovely Monday!

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  1. Well, your "great friend" got caught up in family visiting and moving, and I have yet to send it...but I will very soon! As soon as I get all of our files off of it it's heading your way!