Monday, August 17, 2009


- Krupa was in town this weekend, and it was AMAZING to see her
- My lovely friend Becky will be visiting the weekend before Labor Day...I'm too blessed to have all these lovely ladies visiting me. She'll be here when the state fair is in town. Note Becky - stretchy pants are a must
- I didn't get the office manager job at Theater Latte Da...found out a little over an hour ago. I'm pretty devastated and have cried a lot since then. Dale is a doll and took off work to hang out with me while I cope. Oh, the job search, the bane of my existence.
- I do have an internship with the Ordway Performing Arts Center which I'm now going to take since I do not have a full time job...which is unpaid
- I'm still meeting with Liem on Friday
- I got a random call from Padilla Speer Beardsley to schedule a writing test...although they are NOT hiring; because I'm unemployed I don't mind wasting the 90 minutes and am taking it on Wed.
- I received another out of the blue phone call with the woman I interviewed with at that law firm back in May. There is a temp position at another law firm, and she has recommended me to the manager for it so I just sent her my updated resume...we'll see what happens
- I'm feeling down again about the job hunt but I think it's just because I don't like rejection
- Please keep me in your prayers

Thanks for all your support!

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