Friday, August 7, 2009

Waiting to start my internship on a bench outside

There are moments when you can really hear life. Not the loud sounds of a city which are all man made or the boisterous echoes of a National Geographic episode but in the moments when your lungs fill with fresh air and an excitement builds in the pit of your stomach for no reason. Your mouth waters with anticipation and every sequential breath feels like cool clear water on a dry thirsty afternoon. You may be stiiting on a man made bench in the middle of a man made street but you can feel the life squeezed into each stone. The rustle of leaves against an awning sounds like music and the clicking of heels against pavement like applause. That stone beneath your feet once resided in a mountainside or a dried up riverbed. And in that fleeting moment it reminds you of its roots. Its light earthy smell that is just barely perceivable calls you back to nature, back to before street cars, highways, and drink koozies. Drink it in while it lasts. Hold on to the excitement. Let your stomach revel in the feeling of standing on the stone of a riverbed, a mountainside. Oh but wait life is calling. Files must be made. Emails to be sent. Goodbye man made stone. Maybe we'll meet again on a different morning when I'm craving something wilder that the man made.

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