Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Again, Neil Gailman, I mean Henry Selick is a Genius

On Valentines' Day, Dale and I went to go see Coraline. I read this book back in the fall, and my immediate reaction was first "what a freakin' weird but good book" and secondly "how the hell are they are going to make a movie (for kids) out of this." But my friends, they did it and they did it well. I had low expectations for this movie because it was such a weird book with some pretty abstract ideas in it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I absolutely loved the movie and want to see it again. I highly recommend seeing it in 3D while you still can but I am sure it is just as good in 2D. Henry Selick did all the right visuals to portray this book in good form. I am SO excited for Neil Gaiman who I know must be pleased with this portrayal of his book. I also highly recommend reading the book for yourself. It is really short and would be best read at night in your bed alone (so you can get a little creeped out).

(Sigh) I love seeing good movies! Also, I am obsessed with the music it was just too good.