Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Today I got to truly understand what a "winter storm warning" actually means in MN, and fortunately, I had enough foresight to take the light rail / bus to the Mall of America for another interview with Clinique. On the way there I was thinking, " it's not evening snowing...damn, I should have taken my car. After my interview (which I will describe in a moment), I got back on the light rail to go home and experienced what can only be described as a white apocalypse.
It was snowing so hard that I couldn't see but a few feet away from the train. It was pretty insane. I have never seen that amount of snow fall from the sky, but that was just the beginning. When I got off the train and had to walk to the bus stop (which was less than a block away), I couldn't see more than a few feet in front of me. And the wind was blowing so hard the snow was "falling" horizontally (Abra, I desperately needed some of that up and down snow you're fond of). I get to the bus stop and wait with a ridiculous amount of people - definitely more people than normal for the middle of the day bus riding. The bus arrived, and we filed on.

So now I get to rant a little about bus etiquette. People who use public transportation - this message is for you. When the bus is packed (meaning there are no more seats and people are standing), please move all the way to the back of the bus to allow for people getting on to have a place to stand. Do not, I repeat DO NOT stand in the same place and expect people to go around you to the back of the bus - it just doesn't work that way. People were lucky today that I was listening to my ipod and zoning out or else I probably would have put on my best pissed off Abra face and assertively asked them to move their inconsiderate asses...actually most likely I just would have scowled in their general direction.

Lack of bus manners wasn't even the amazing part of the storm today. The bus passed at least 15 cars on the way to my apartment that were stuck in the snow and spinning out. There were basically no lanes anymore because cars were spinning out everywhere. Although I am proud of Minnesotians because people would get out of their cars and help each other push their vehicles out of the way. Very awesome!

So I had to walk in the several feet of snow to get home, and now I can brag to my kids that I had to trudge through the freezing snow to get home. Then for the rest of the afternoon, I watched cars try to get up this hill next to the apartment and then slide back down / get stuck/ spin out/ or hit all the parked cars reminding me NEVER to park on 26th street during the winter.

But back to my interview. I will be VERY surprised if I do not get this job (I'm supposed to find out tomorrow). The interview consisted of my future manager giving me the "customer experience" by giving me a make-over. And I have to say after she was done, I really wanted to buy everything she used on me. She made my skin feel amazing. Anywho, it was really laid back, and we just talked about the training process and some procedural stuff like schedules and availability.

So that was my winter storm day - altogether very exciting and interesting. If this ever happened in Texas, the whole state would have shut down. Minnesotians are made of some pretty tough stuff or just enjoy the bragging rights.