Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's been a while...

I've gotten a little off track with my postings, and it's been a while. My mother visited this past weekend, and it was truly fabulous. But of course I'm feeling a little down this week after having so much fun those few days she was here. We went wedding dress shopping...and we found one! It's all starting to feel real, and I'm getting really excited. 

My sister is coming next week to decide on a bridesmaid's gown, and I will get to show her the dress. I would post a picture and go into great detail about the loveliness that is my wedding gown, but Dale reads this blog from time to time :)

Also, on Sunday after taking my mom to the airport, Dale and I went for a run which was fabulous but even before that we were on a mission to go to this yarn store that I've been wanting to check out. I have some knitting projects that need yarn, but when we went to the shop, of course it was closed because any time I got out of my way to see a new shop it must be closed. Anywho, disappointed, Dale and I walked next door to a children's book store. My friends if you know anything about me you know my obsession with books and especially children's books so I was excited but had no idea what was in store. First off, the shop had a door within a door. There was a smaller child size door within the larger door which Dale and I promptly used. Inside the shop, there were chickens walking around and cages all over the place with rabbits, ferrets, birds, lizards, and spiders. The ceiling had a huge crack in it (purposefully made) so it looked like you could see the sky above. There was a shack in the far corner of the store to hold all the scary books and comfy chairs behind every corner. In short, it was the most amazing book store I have ever been in. Dale and I did not want to leave, but because we were not buying anything, we felt it necessary to eventually depart. 

So I've decided to apply at local bookstores, including the one described above, to make some money until I get a full time gig. I'm REALLY sick of unemployment and am going to a networking thing tomorrow with PRSA. I'm not really that excited about it, but hopefully it will go well and I will meet some new people. Keep me in your prayers because I'm about to lose my mind with boredom...but as my mother used to say if you're bored its because you're a boring person...actually I don't think Mom said that. I think it was our neighbor Mrs. Lowry. I guess it is a part of the choices I make, but hopefully working at a bookstore will pass the time if I can get a job. Darn this recession.