Friday, June 12, 2009


Yay it's Friday, and I have the whole weekend off. I have not had a weekend off (besides going to Texas) since Easter. Dale and I are going to take care of some wedding stuff and then hopefully sit by the lake all afternoon with books from Barnes and Noble. Then we will try some sushi and go see a movie.

I'm pretty excited. I need to get my wedding shoes this weekend for the fitting on Monday so I need to make time for that.

Yesterday got better after I went to work. I had a long talk with my manager Tina (who is lovely and very supportive), and she really cheered me up. She is an engineer who got laid off on her first job (because of 9/11) and began at Target. Now she is known as an ETL (executive team lead) which basically means she is one of the top managers of Target. We discussed in depth her role yesterday because she (and apparently other ETL's at my store) feels I would be a great ETL and could be promoted directly to that position.

It's a completely different career path, but I'm considering it. On other Target news, I have an informational interview with the communications department on June 30th. I am not that hopeful about it just because I have definitely had a lot of informational interviews in the last few months that have not amounted to anything, but at least it is progress. I am excited about it. I am really looking forward to seeing the inside of headquarters, and who knows maybe this could be my in.

I talked with my mom yesterday about the whole job search, and we talked about me letting go and letting God take over. It is SO hard. I really like to be in control and take care of things myself - I don't want favors or help from people. I have been praying a lot, but it is so hard to not worry and wish and just let Him help guide my life. This is the first year in a long time that I've been reading my Bible more regularly and looking forward to church. It has a lot to do with Dale who has really become more devout as he is getting older which I just love. He reminds me so much of my dad that makes me miss my dad just saying that.

That is probably one of the reasons I am going to marry him. He is silly and goofy like Dad but an extremely hard worker when it comes to his career. Also, Dale will never (and I mean never) say no to helping someone else even strangers (just like Dad). So I'm glad that he is becoming more of the Christian leader in our house like my dad was in my house.

This posting has gone all over the place. So there's an update if not brief at least a little thorough. :)

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  1. Have a good weekend. It is indeed hard to let go and let God have his way. I've always admired and loved your dad, so I'm sure I will Dale, after hearing what you say about him.