Monday, June 22, 2009

Lessons Learned from the Job Front

- The "we'll keep in touch" line at the end of an interview is the equivalent to the "I'll call you tomorrow; we should do this again" at the end of a don't hold your breath

- Black suits are not really necessary anymore. I've gotten more compliments/ comments on my interview clothes which consist of a flowered skirt, a white blouse and JCrew blue sweater.

- Thank you notes are a must. Never skimp on this - it sets you a part.

- Honesty is appreciated but should be avoided...jk. Employers seem to enjoy straightforward talking, but I don't know if it's effective since I haven't gotten a job yet.

- Befriend the secretary/ HR rep. They will remember you and pull for you in the end. I'm still in contact with several secretaries/ HR rep's that send me info when openings occur.

- When a HR rep promises to call you by a certain day, don't necessarily believe them. I've had at least four different companies promise to call by Friday, but didn't end up calling until the next week...lame.

- Tough skin is a must, but a sincere heart is required. Sometimes I think the employers like me because I'm sincere and lay my heart out instead of my qualifications/ skills. Whenever they have given me the all dreaded rejection phone call, they have always asked me to give them a call if I need a reference and have followed up with any requests I make.

- Friendliness trumps aggresiveness any day.

- A firm handshake can make or break the deal. The other day I met with a potential employer who after meeting me told me to educate the rest of the young women she had met recently and tutor them in a good handshake. No limp wrist here.

- It's all business...unless you make a personal connection. We all like to think that it's all about the skills and the work, but you have to work with these people every day. Share lunches together. Work late together. Overcome personal backgrounds/ beliefs to meet minds. It's very personal because you want to work with people you like...or at least you can tolerate. So FIRST make your employers like YOU (personally) and then prove to them you can do the job.

- There is a light at the end of the tunnel even if you can't see it. Faith. That is what's all about. Faith in yourself. Faith that the right job is out there. Faith that God will provide.

I had an interview last week with Carl Zeiss for a job I was completely underqualified for. It was very strange. They wanted someone with 5+ years and yet they called me to meet their VP of marketing...weird. They were supposed to call me last Friday. Shockingly, no call came. Oh well, their loss.

I'm meeting with someone from Target headquarters today, and I'm SO excited. Hopefully it will go well. I applied for a job in communications on Friday and hoping that it is all part of God's plan for me. You hear that God, I'm trying to let go. Rachel "control-freak" Posey is trying to let go.

Wish me luck!

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  1. ahhh keep your head up! You are doing awesome and I am in aww of your tenacity and perseverance (sp?). All those points are very correct! I love ya and am rooting for you! Those people that didnt hire you are poo poo head ninny poos. hahahaha Im so mature. :)MISS YOU