Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens, and Shiny Kettles

Things that make me feel good about myself, life, and the world in general:

- Newly painted fingernails in my favorite color - clear
- Writing notes on new stationary
- Singing with Dale while doing the dishes...Disney seems to be a favorite
- Newly applied lipstick
- Babies that make strangers laugh
- Plunko...nuff said
- Inside jokes with my sister...armadillo, armadillo Abra
- Fluffy pillows and comforters on a cold night
- Christmas carols with Chai tea
- Any and every movie with Emma Thompson
- Dale hyped up on energy drinks working at his spot in the living room
- Dad tickling me and Abra until we scream or get mad (not really mad)
- Ringing Mom like a bell
- Neil calling Abra "babe"
- The squirrel that lives outside the living room window
- Corey's cackle
- Mexican martinis and Kerbey queso
- The feeling you get after baking in the sun until you can't stand it and then putting your feet into a chilly pool/ lake
- Finishing a book and wanting to reread it immediately
- Calendars with notes in the margins and crossed out sections
- Bethany's serious look that is all too similar to Abra's
- Open windows during a rain storm
- A magazine, glass of lemonade, flip flops and an empty afternoon
- Susie's hugs...she's so little. I could squeeze her until she pops.
- Dad's laugh/ Dick Van Dyke impersonation
- Broadway tunes while working out
- Ripping the tags off a newly purchased outfit
- Krupa's "Oh, let me tell ya"
- Beer, pajamas, and Battlestar Galactica
- Shaving your legs and then going swimming
- Jenni's Micky impression and that prof we had freshman year "Brazil, Brazil, Brazil"
- Stretching after a 3 mile run
- Filing
- Labeling my emails and trashing the SPAM
- Grown men who use the word "cute"
- Summer in MN after that ridiculously long winter we had

So I'm feeling better today (if you couldn't tell). I'm SOOOO excited because my mommy
is going to visit me on July 13th through the 16th. She is going with me to my wedding dress fitting. Plus, I think she knew I need to see her. Hope you are enjoying your summer day no matter where you are!

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