Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Devoted son, burritos, and the power of the Internet

I was reading through my daily Shelf Awareness newsletter, and it had a story about a son who posted on his blog about his parents' struggling independent bookstore right before Christmas. He promised to buy a burrito for every person who spent over $50 at his parents' bookstore. While this story is heartfelt and amazing alone, what is truly wonderful is that it worked. His parents' bookstore experienced 6.5% growth in sales compared to last year, and it is all because of the Internet. He posted on his blog. Then his friends posted on theirs. Again and again until someone like myself is moved by their story and posts on their blog thus making this story truly viral.

My mind is officially boggled by this firsthand viral marketing experience. Also, how many freakin' burritos did he have to buy?

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