Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today while knitting in my favorite corner of the apartment I realized that I have not given my evaluation of Minnesota yet, and for some reason the apartment is particularly cold today reminding me that I'm not in Kansas...I mean...Texas anymore. So I'm going to give my comparisons of home state and my current state.

Texas vs. Minnesota

1. Texas always has fantastic hot and spicy food available...but Minnesota has the weather appropriate for eating it

2. Minnesota boasts the most literate citizens but some of the most expensive independent bookstores (went into one today near my apartment, ridiculously expensive for books)

3. Texas has boots and cowboys that are good looking but a little sweaty while Minnesota has the boots and cowboys too except their a little on the blue and frozen side

4. Minnesota has all 4 seasons...Texas has 4 different levels of heat - hot, uncomfortable hot, sweltering mind-blowing hot, and death

5. Texas has my favorite music capital of the world - Austin but Minnesota has my favorite theater infused twin - Minneapolis

6. Minnesota houses some of my favorite authors - Neil Gaiman and Thomas Friedman, but Texas has some of my favorite people - Abra and Corey

7. Texans know how to make and consume margaritas on those humid summer nights but Minnesotans know how to drink giant mugs of beer while huddled inside a cozy pub

8. Minnesota is the land of a thousand lakes while Texas is the land of a thousand friendly faces
9. Texas has water skiing, beaches, and armadillos but Minnesota has snow skiing, mountains (kinda), and white bunnies

10. But the biggest conundrum - Texas has my family and friends and Minnesota has the love my life

Overall Minnesota has been pretty great. I have gotten to experience a "real" winter and fall and have enjoyed all the time I've gotten to spend with Dale. Also, I've learned the pleasures of mass transportation and living in a real eclectic neighbor and above all appreciating the architecture of the city. I sometimes miss Texas especially on days when my feet refuse to thaw, and I don't know how long we'll stay here in Minnesota, but I do know that Minneapolis will always have a piece of my heart...a frozen little piece. :)

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