Friday, January 30, 2009

Waiting for Kiddos/ Buses

I was driving home from my informational interview (in which I was stood up..sad) and got stuck in a long line of buses next to a school near our apartment. I was going to go around them (because they were waiting on all the kiddos) but was afraid because of oncoming traffic. While I was waiting for the buses to move (and eventually a teacher's aid stopped traffic to allow me to go around), like 5 different kids came up to the car to see if I was their mom. One little girl opened the door, and immediately had a look of complete horror/terror go across her face. Therefore, I conclude most mom's with children between the ages of 8-5 own silver Honda accords. I really felt sorry for the little girl, and her pink matching scarf and hat were SO adorable I almost did take her home with me.

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