Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I watched the inauguration yesterday and felt proud to be an American. At first, I didn't really like Obama and was worried about his presidency. Now I feel he genuinely does want to improve our country and will do everything he can (as an individual) to work on our current issues. I just think we as a nation cannot forget that while he does have a huge influence on policy that he is working with an entire government system to get things done. While Obama may have some very liberal ideas about health care and social policies, he does not have absolute power and is working with an entire organization to run the country.
Also, I am proud of the Bush administration for making the transition a smooth one for Obama, and it brightened my heart to see Obama and his wife walk George and Laura to their helicopter. Traditionally the new president walks the former president out and waits on the steps, but they walked them all the way to the helicopter. It made me hope for a more unified political atmosphere for the Obama presidency, can to and also I just hope Republicans will not behave like the liberals during this term and do everything to discredit him.

I want to do my duty as an American and stay engaged in public policy and remain aware of the changes in America. One way I feel like I can contribute is to pray for the Obama administration and make sure I am involved in every voting opportunity.

Good luck Obama! I hope you can make your abstract promises into concrete results and give the American people the hope and positive energy they need to have faith in our country. You are in my prayers, and I look forward to seeing what you can do.

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